CLIENT: URBANE by Charles Jay


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fashion forward

Company Overview

URBANE By Charles Jay is fashion forward brand inspired by designer Charles Jay Cancer Survivor story. The brand focuses on the uniqueness and quality of its products. Our brand is made for the outcasts. The fashion enthusiasts who want to be stand out and walk with purpose. Our customer is confident, self aware and trendsetters not followers.

Our goal is to inspire millions of people with our back story.



Brand’s photos did not represent the high quality standard and didn’t focus on the story behind the brand

The models did not align with the brand’s style and did not represent the uniqueness of the brand or quality of products

Image styles were inconsistent and didn’t show the true meaning of what the brand wanted to accomplish

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Provided multiple consultations to define the brand’s visual identity and goals they wanted to achieve

Planned photoshoots that included high quality models that aligned with the brand’s style and could highlight the garments in a great way

Developed a consistent brand image style so it could be recognizable from anywhere

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First photoshoot produced brand’s online identity and was noticeably received by customers and social media followers, which helped increase website traffic and engagement

Selected models that aligned with the brand’s look

Imagery style is now consistent through website and social media