Roocastro Fashion Photographer using camera

About Roocastro


Born and raised in Dominican Republic, I was able to go out and play at anytime and just have fun, see the beauty of the streets. Those streets became blocks when I moved to New York at 12 and was exposed to a whole new world. NYC was a completely new experience but it was welcomed because it exposed me to a new world that was a melting pot of several cultures. With so many people, foods, languages, and cultures all around me, I saw the need for collaboration and to figure out a way to link people together. All of these were people who were looking to build and create a reality out of their dreams, people who just wanted to be happy. I saw that as the common thread and am lucky enough to say that with photography as my happy place, I am able to create that common space and at the same time have fun behind the camera. I want to share my happy place with others, collaborating and building together to make their dreams come to life through my lens. When I shoot, I aim to deliver this as a classic image, a moment frozen in time.

My experiences have allowed me to be a part of so many worlds, to appreciate and grow a love for the simplicity of clean, beautiful and impactful work. By working together, we can create a new world of our own through the imagery that is reflective of your brand.